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Fixing memory leaks in RavenDB Management Studio - FluidMoveBehavior

Continuing on my last blog post in this series, which I talked about the WeakReference, that time I’ll talk about the FluidMoveBehavior.

The FluidMoveBehavior gives you a great transition effect to the items in your WrapPanel, which is in the Silverlight toolkit. The FluidMoveBehavior is part of the Expression Blend and it’s exists in the microsoft.expression.interactions.dll.

When I profiled the application with a memory profiler, I have some memory leaks that caused by the FluidMoveBehavior. Surprised I Googled the following “FluidMoveBehavior memory leak” and the first result was this thread, which effectively showed that this is a known issue with no fix yet.

So removing the FluidMoveBehavior from the Management Studio fixes a big source of memory leak. What’s interesting, that the visual effect itself of the FluidMoveBehaviour barley was needed, since we already populating the panel with items each time the panel size is changed.


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