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New in RavenDb Studio 1.2: Enhancements to querying

This is a guest post by Samuel Jack, a freelancer who has worked with us on the new RavenDb Studio features.

Welcome back to our tour of the new features in RavenDb Studio 1.2. Up for examination today is the Query page.

Remembering Recent Queries

Over on the RavenDb issue tracker, we were asked to “treat queries as first-class citizens”. I don’t know what other rights queries might demand, but one right we decided to give them was the right to be remembered. Enter the Recent Queries dropdown:


Every query you execute is remembered, and you can go back to a previous query just by clicking its entry in the list. As with most navigation buttons in the Studio, clicking with the Control key held down will open the query in a new window.

Up to 100 of your most recent queries are remembered for next time after you close your browser. Though if you should have been querying with some nefarious purpose, there’s always the “Clear History” button to cover your tracks.

If you have any queries that are especially near and dear to your heart, you can Pin them to make sure they always stay at the top of the list and don’t get swept away if the rest of the history is cleared.


Other Changes

Along with this, there are a number of smaller enhancements

  • Sort By now works for dynamic queries when querying over a particular collection.
  • Similarly, you now get Intellisense in the query editor for dynamic queries when you have limited the query to a specific collection. In other words, press Ctrl-Space in the query editor, and you can choose from a list of properties in documents in that collection.
  • Sort By options are now remembered when you navigate back to a previous query.
  • You can now choose the default operator used to combine clauses in your query .
  • A Show Fields option has been added to help you understand what’s going on with your indexes. When pressed, the results view will show the fields in matching index entries, rather than the actual documents. In a similar vein, there’s a new Skip Transform button which shows up when an Index has a Transform stage defined. Pressing Skip Transform will show you the documents matching a query, rather than the results of the transform.
  • For all you JSON-heads out there, the Query page shows you what url the client is calling to get the results from the server, and if you press the link button next to the url, you’ll see the raw JSON that the server sends back.


J Healy
08/04/2012 08:39 AM by
J Healy

What is the eta for this bright and shiny object?

J Healy
08/04/2012 08:42 AM by
J Healy

I'm sure it will only get brighter and shinier for the wait.

sean kearon
08/04/2012 11:54 AM by
sean kearon

Looks like you guys have done some really awesome work on this. Can't wait...

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