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New in RavenDb Studio 1.2: Better document editing

This is a guest post by Samuel Jack, a freelancer who has worked with us on the new RavenDb Studio features.

Continuing in our tour of the new features in RavenDb Studio for 1.2, today we come to the document editor.

Outlining Support

Since Documents are RavenDb’s raison d'etre, having a good document editing and viewing experience is vital. Which is why we’ve put a good bit of work into enhancing the Studio’s document editor.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the editor now has outlining support, so that you can expand and collapse collections and nested objects within a document:image_thumb35

Clicking the Outlining button collapses all the top level nodes, and clicking it again expands them all.

If you have many documents containing large collections, you may find the new Auto-Collapse Collections feature useful. When this mode is selected (find it by clicking the drop-down arrow on the Outlining button) the Document editor will automatically collapse all collections when you first open a document in the editor page.

JSON Syntax Error Highlighting

The next new feature you probably won’t notice, until you start modifying a document. Then you’ll see that the editor now has real-time JSON syntax checking:


Any errors in the document are highlighted with red squiggles, and an error list at the bottom summaries all the errors detected, with double-click taking you to the mal-formed part of the document, as you’d expect.

Document Hyperlinks

Here’s a handy new feature for checking relationships between documents. The document editor now turns any document Ids it encounters within a document into hyperlinks that you can navigate to with a Shift-Click (or Shift-Ctrl-Click to open in a new page):



Not only is this good for jumping between related documents. It also lets you see at glance if your document references are valid, since the document editor only hyperlinks Ids of documents that actually exist in the database.


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