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RavenDB 1.2 Studio Features: The New Database Wizard

In the new version of the RavenDB Management Studio we wanted to enhance the options you have, one of these enhancements is the new "Create New Database" wizard.

We wanted to add the option to choose bundles for your database, configure various options and in general give you a easy way to control options that you could previously do only if you mastered the zen of RavenDB.

Now then you select the New Database option from the databases page you will get the next window:


If you check the “Advanced Settings” option you will get this window:


Now you can change the location where the data (path), logs and indexes will be stored.
In some cases putting the data, logs and the indexes in different drives can improve performance.

On the left side you have the Bundles Selection area, every bundle that you select here will be added to your database. More data about bundles: https://ravendb.net/docs/server/bundles

Some of the bundles have settings that you can (and should) configure:



In here you can choose you encryption key (or use the random generated on) after the database creation a pop up with the key will show you the key on last time. Make sure you have this key saved somewhere; after that window will close we will not give you the key again.

Quotas Bundle


In here you can set the limits for quotas (see http://ravendb.net/docs/server/bundles/quotas)

Replication Bundle


In here you can set the replications (and add as many as needed)
(see http://ravendb.net/docs/server/scaling-out/replication)



In here you can set the versioning (see http://ravendb.net/docs/server/bundles/versioning)

Notice that you can’t remove the default configuration or change the Collection for it but you can edit the values.

After you will press “OK” the database will be created (if you have the encryption bundles you will now see the encryption key one last time)

If in the future you want to edit the setting to the bundles (for quotas, replication and versioning) you can right-click the database in the databases view and select “edit bundles”


Note: you cannot change which bundles are part of the database after creation.


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