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Update in RavenDB: A new statistics page

Lately we updated the statistics page in RavenDB Studio.

This is how the new page looks:


If you look you can see that the data we see in "Artists" is different than what we see in "AlbumsByCountSold" this is because "Artists" has data on reduce and we want to see that.

Another thing we added is the option to view statistics in groups, In the top left you can see a ComboBox in there you can choose from several options:


If you select "Single Items" you will see all the data that is not a part of a list:


For each index in your database you will see an item in the ComboBox that will show the stats for this index


In addition you can view all the indexes.

If you have stale indexes another section will be added to the page:


If you'll press the stale index name you will see the stats for this index.

Another thing we have added is that in the query page if you are using an index (not dynamic query) you can go directly to this index statistics


The most right button will send you to the statistics page with the data for this index displayed.


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