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What’s new in Uber Prof v2.0?

Along with the launch of our new website hibernatingrhinos.com, we’re happy to announce that v2.0 of Uber Prof profilers is now in beta!

While we’re perfecting the product, you can take advantage on that and buy a license now with a 20% discount. This will work for both monthly license and standard license.

You can also request a trial license on the website, which will let you use the profiler for 30 days.

Now for the interesting staff, what’s new in Uber Prof v2.0?

1. Silverlight interface. When you run the profiler.exe the UI that opens is a OOB Silverlight application. You can also open the profiler interface in your browser, which means that you can profiler remote systems! In fact, we ported all of the WPF user interface of v1.0 to Silverlight in order to enable production profiling of remote systems.


2. Production profiling. We now supports profiling production systems, using the HibernatingRhinos.Profiler.Production.dll. If you’re using ASP.NET MVC, you will be able to configure the profiler to use the following route “/profiler” in order to see the profiler interface in your browser.


3. Performance. We tuned to performance of the profiler and the profiler now it far more responsive. You can run the profiler now for days, and it will still work.


4. Running on the cloud. We did some work in order to let you profile your application on Azure. You can profiler your cloud application right from your browser, using the production profiling feature.

The next post will contains instructions how to run the profiler in a production application, on Azure.


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