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New Client Coming to RavenDB – Mono For Android

You requested it and we listened, we now have a client for Android (with mono).

The client supports all the regular client side operation except from Distributed Transactions which are not relevant for mobile devices

The Client will be available through a Nuget Package or by referencing the dll to your project

All you need to do is reference the Raven.Client.MonoForAndoird.dll to your Mono for android project.

In there you can use the code as you normally would.

If you want to start working with this already you can download the dll here:


Pay attention this is an early build, so if you have something not working, we will appreciate if you could create a failing test for it

You can see how we are testing from this repository https://github.com/DanielDar/ravendb on branch 2.5

Look at the project Raven.Tests.MonoForAndroid

There is also Raven.Tryouts.MonoForAndroid for testing a complete app

You can see a sample for the using android with raven here: https://github.com/DanielDar/RavenAndroidToDoList

In this sample you have a to do list that is updated between all of the android devices running it.


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EFProf now supports EF 6 alpha 3

We got a mail from a customer asking about the support of Entity Framework 6 alpha 3 by the Entity Framework Profiler. It took 2 hours before we got a new build which now support it.

Part of this speedy patch was that the customer provided a nice small project that reproduce the issue, which is always the best way to get things fixed fast, but the most critical thing was that the EF team addressed the issues that we faced in the previous release, EF 6 alpha 2, as outlined here.

So if you are using EF 6 alpha 3, the workaround that was outlined here is not needed anymore.  You should just call `EntityFrameworkProfiler.Initialize()` at the very first of your application and this is it.


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